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Empowering the Community of Fort Atkinson Through Quality Karate Instruction

Making Martial Arts Easy and Fun For the Whole Family

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Empowering the Community of Fort Atkinson Through Quality Karate Instruction


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Kids Martial Arts near Fort Atkinson

Kids Martial Arts

At USA Karate Fort Atkinson, our Kids Martial Arts classes combine discipline, respect, and leadership skills into one high-energy program. We offer training for students all across our community. Learn more today!

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Kids Martial Arts near Fort Atkinson

Adult Martial Arts

Whether you're looking to lose weight, build lean muscle, or learn practical self-defense skills, our Adult Martial Arts program has endless benefits. By training in Karate, you'll improve your confidence, reduce your stress and anxiety levels, and experience boosted energy in everyday life. Discover the power of martial arts training today!

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Kids Martial Arts near Fort Atkinson

Birthday Parties and Special Events

Our Martial Arts Birthday Party and special event packages provide a number of safe, fun, and exciting activities to ensure that you and your child have an experience they will never forget! Simply fill out the form below to see how you can provide your child with an awesome Karate-style celebration!

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Jaideep P.

The master is good, he really cares about how you do in class. He is also very funny. He is also very skilled at karate and knows what he is doing. I definitely recommend him....

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Charlotte P.

Tonight was my first time there watching my grandson those kids are so fun to watch I will be going back this is so great for the kids....

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Gerri B.

Very nice people. Great environment. Love, love, love!...

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Jamie C.

My nephew attends karate class and the owner is very polite and he works really well with the kids. He loves his karate instructor and he loves going to karate it's really helped him so much in life w...

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Andie W.

A wonderful family organization...

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Cheryl E.

My granddaughter attends classes here a few times a week. I was there for her first few classes and I still go watch her once in a while. Mr. Beck works wonders with his students! I have seen such imp...

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USA Karate Fort Atkinson

We're proud to have dedicated instructors, a supportive and passionate community, and a safe training environment where kids and parents alike can enjoy learning Karate together! We encourage our students to remain physically fit, maintain self-discipline, and spend the majority of each class on technique -- we want to provide high-quality instruction but also make sure that training is fun!

At USA Karate Fort Atkinson, our goal is to teach you or your children the intricacies of Karate while improving your confidence and instilling a powerful sense of purpose. Our instructors strive to uplift you, support you on and off the mats, and to help you become the best you can be.

If you're curious about Martial Arts training, we're happy to sit down and talk about how fitness, self-defense skills, unwavering confidence, and pure fun all come together to craft an incredible training experience.

Just fill out the short form below to reach out to our team about your interest in Martial Arts classes!

A Family Martial Arts Studio


  • Confidence & Self-Esteem

    Confidence & Self-Esteem

    By training in the martial arts, you'll develop unwavering confidence and heightened self-esteem. Karate will give you the opportunity to leave fearlessly, here in Fort Atkinson or wherever life takes you.

  • Discipline & Self-Control

    Discipline & Self-Control

    Mastering each new technique and journeying from beginner to black belt requires perseverance and self-control, and the lessons you learn with us at USA Karate Fort Atkinson will make a difference in all aspects of life.

  • Self-Defense


    The martial arts will prepare you to defend yourself in an emergency situation, both by giving you the fitness and techniques you'll need, but also by expanding your ability to recognize a dangerous situation.

  • New Friends & Mentors

    New Friends & Mentors

    When you train with us here at USA Karate Fort Atkinson, you're getting more than just martial arts lessons. You're connecting with our community and meeting lifelong friends and mentors.

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